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About the Caucus

The Early Childhood Caucus of the Texas Legislature was founded in November 2020 with 32 founding members and bipartisan support. 

The Caucus works to bring together legislators, advocacy partners, and constituents to ensure that issues within the early childhood education space are heard at the Texas Legislature.

To accomplish this, we host lunch and learns for legislators, track and support early childhood legislation, and disseminate research from our partners.

Learning Together

Our Guiding Objectives

1. Stay informed about information ranging from shelter and hunger, to education and healthcare affecting the early childhood population, their caregivers, and professionals to then discuss and produce possible legislation for the legislative session.

2. Analyze, collect, and utilize research, data, experiences, knowledge, and partnerships to ensure that every need of every Texas child ages zero to five are met. 

3. Create and synthesize information and policies to make it more digestible for various groups in the legislature to understand.

4. Support partners, groups, and members who align with these objectives. 

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